Home Improvements, Maintenance & Landscaping
Use the Design Review Board (DRB)
What is the DRB?
The Design Review Board is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the architectural integrity and aesthetic value of the Buckhead neighborhood, as defined in our Covenants (as of May, 2010, our original covenants have been amended. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the new covenants and by-laws.) Buckhead homeowners desiring to make any exterior modification, improvement or addition to their home or any other structure or improvement on your lot, or to add significantly to or remove from the permanent landscape must obtain approval for the change.
The Design Review Board consists of 3-5 members who review and evaluate each application. The diversity of the committee allows it to look at issues from different viewpoints and come to a decision based on what best serves the community.  The names of the DRB members can be found on the Buckhead webpage under the "Volunteers" drop down menu click on “Committees" and under the "Design Review Board" paragraph. 
Why do we have architectural standards?
Most likely, your largest investment is your home. When making exterior improvements, changes that are acceptable to one person may not be in the best interest of the community. Architectural standards help guarantee our community will continue to look good for many years to come, thus protecting your investment.
Community Standards for Trees in Yards. 

Why must I have my exterior projects approved?
When purchasing your home, you signed a document agreeing to abide by the Buckhead HOA covenants and by-laws. The covenants require that before any changes are made to the exterior of the home or landscaping, written approval must be given by the DRB. This is not meant to suppress creativity or individual taste, but to ensure a harmonious transition between existing and new construction, landscaping and all other exterior changes as outlined in our covenants. Having your projects approved beforehand will eliminate issues such as conflicts with neighbors, changes that could negatively affect home prices in our community and even monetary fines.
How do I apply for approval for a project?
                    Step 1:  Click on one of the following Architectural Review Forms (ARFs) which best suits your proposed project:
NOTE: If you have difficulty opening the documents below, install Adobe Acrobat Reader and try to access the document again.

Accessory Buildings - (Storage Sheds, Pool Houses, Workshops, Gazebos and The Like).
Additions to Home.
Fences – (Decorative,Vinyl,Privacy,Chain Link,Swimming Pool).
Grading & Drainage.
Hard Surface/Pavement Additions.
Landscaping – Trees & Shrubs.

Other Structures –(Docks,Pools,Playsets,Basketball Goals, Skateboard Ramps, etc.)
Surface Finishes - (Siding, Roofing, Painted/Stained Surfaces, Other).
- OR –            
Click one of the following Guidelines which best suits your proposed project.  No DRB Permits or ARFs are required for these but the DRB asks that you follow and stay within the guidelines:
Antennae & Satellite Dishes.

Mailbox Standard & DRB Guideline.
Community Standards for Trees in Yards
Architectural Review Form (ARF)  Instructions

Print the selected Architectural Review Form (ARF). Hand-write all pertinent information, scan the selected form and provide the specified documents of the proposed project. Please include one photo of the entire width of the property from a street view and any other pictures that will help the DRB members understand the project and any screening that limits the view of the project from the street or by neighbors.  Please email the completed forms to:  drb@buckheadHOA.com 

                  Step 2: The DRB will review the Application to ensure that it is complete. If further information is needed, the homeowner will be notified of the necessary documents to complete the application. The process of review does not officially begin until the application process is complete.
                  Step 3: A member of the DRB may schedule a meeting, if necessary with the homeowner to review the submission, take photographs and discuss any questions, concerns, or suggestions.  This step may not be necessary if the project is relatively straightforward and the DRB can grasp the full situation from the documents you provide.
                  Step 4: The homeowner will be notified within 30 days of the approval or disapproval of the request. The homeowner will be notified that the request is disapproved. If approved, a permit will be issued and should be posted on the homeowner's mailbox while the work is in progress. Homeowners are encouraged to report any work being done without a posted permit to drb@buckheadhoa.com.