Welcome to Buckhead
Welcome to Buckhead, a premier southern community located in Richmond Hill, Georgia. Less than 20 miles from historic Savannah, GA. Richmond Hill has a rich history of its own and is also home to legendary Henry Ford and the historic Fort McAllister State Park.

Buckhead Homeowners Association (BHOA) encompasses seven different sub-divisions, a community pool, tennis courts, a basketball court, walking trails, ponds and more. For more information about our subdivisions, visit the Buckhead Subdivisions page.

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Sister Homeowner Association web links that are NOT part of the "Buckhead HOA" include:
Buckhead North HOA  /  Buckhead South HOA
Buckhead East HOA
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Neighborhood News
Community News
Posted on Dec 26th, 2016
Thank you to the Social Committee for hosting
our BHOA Adult Night Social
on Friday, September 13th
If you'd like to contribute to your support to community activities,
please contact the BHOA Social Committee at:
Annual BHOA Dues Suspense - April 1, 2019
Electronic Payment is Currently Not Available
We are working on bringing electronic payments back.
For Invoice Click Here
For Policy Click Here
Buckhead HOA Newsbyte
2019-20 Buckhead HOA Community
Garage/Yard Sales
Saturday, October 12th 2019 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Saturday, March 14th 2020 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Saturday, June 13th 2020 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Contact Social Committee for questions
Buckhead HOA
A Covenant Enforced Community
For fine schedule 
To report a street light or power outage contact
Coastal Electric Cooperative
All that is required is street address and some location details. 
On their website there is a space for the account number but it is not a required field.
There is also a drop down box where you can select what is wrong with the light.
(ie. burning in the daytime, cycling off and on, etc.)
Bryan County South Burn Permits
If you intend to burn, it requires a Georgia Burn Permit
complete registration request at:
BHOA Pool and Amenities
Posted on Dec 25th, 2016
For Amenity Key Issues
For questions contact the GCM or Social Committee at:
Buckhead Amenity Hours and Rules
All Buckhead Homeowner Association (BHOA) Amenity
Hours of operation are:
6:00 AM to 10:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and
6:00 AM to 11:00 PM Friday and Saturday
Children in Pool area aged 12 yrs old and below must be
accompanied by an adult.
Click Here for all Buckhead Pool Rules.
BHOA Amenity Areas (803 Rathlin Road)
include:  Parking Area, Pool, Basketball Court, Baseball field,
Pond, Tennis Courts and Playground
There is no loitering permitted in the BHOA
Community parking area or parking permitted outside of hours listed above.
For questions please contact the Social Committee at:

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Who To Contact
For faster results, please direct your request to our HOA's management company, GCM, or the appropriate committee outlined below.
Georgia Community Management (GCM): 912-445-2194 manager@buckheadhoa.com
BHOA Board: Board related Questions - board@buckheadhoa.com
Quick Reference Committee List:
Buckhead HOA Management: New / Departing Resident Inquiries - manager@buckheadhoa.com
Design Review Board (DRB): Approves any changes in your property - drb@buckheadhoa.com
Communications Committee: For Inquiries on website, emails, message boards, sponsorships & community newsletter - communications@buckheadhoa.com
Covenant Compliance Committee: Oversees BHOA Compliance Covenants & By-laws - ccc@buckheadhoa.com
Landscape Committee: Handles all "common area" landscaping related issues - landscape@buckheadhoa.com
Maintenance Committee: Performs common area/amenity maintenance projects & bids for capital improvements - maintenance@buckheadhoa.com
Secretary & Rental Questions: secretary@buckheadhoa.com
Social Committee: Welcome, orientation, greeting new Buckhead residents, social event planning, amenity area issues & Book BHOA facilities - socialcommittee@buckheadhoa.com
Technology Committee: Manages cameras, gates, technical equipment & community crime reports (after 911 notified) - tech@buckheadhoa.com
Treasurer: BHOA annual dues, fines and financial requests - treasurer@buckheadhoa.com

Board Meetings
All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Check the community sign at the entrance for reminders of the upcoming meeting.
The next BHOA Board meeting is
Tuesday, September 24th at 6:30 PM
in the Buckead Community Room

For questions contact your Buckhead HOA Board at: board@buckheadhoa.com

Recycle and Refuse Pick-up
Buckhead Recycling Schedule
September 25
October 9
October 23
November 6
November 20
December 4
December 18
January 1
January 15
January 29
February 12
February 26

For any questions concerning service or pick-up contact
Republic Waste Services (Trash & Recycling)


Message Board
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Our Address
Buckhead Homeowners Association (BHOA)
P.O. Box 1548
Richmond Hill, GA 31324
BHOA Amenities Location
803 Rathlin Road
Richmond Hill, GA 31324