Trash and Recycling Pickup
Bryan County provides curbside trash and recycling pickup to all county households. This service is contracted through Republic Services.
Pickup Schedules and Complaints/Service Inquiries
Household garbage is picked up each Tuesday in Buckhead.
Recycling is picked up every other Wednesday (on a two week schedule). We try to keep a rolling recycling schedule on the home page of the Buckhead website for quick reference. This information is also available by creating an account on the Republic Services website.
For questions about pickup schedules, delays, missed pickups, or any other inquiries about garbage pickup, please contact Republic Services at (912)964-2211 or visit their website.
Buckhead HOA has no contact or relationship with Republic Services and can not help with complaints or inquiries. Complaints about service should be directed to Bryan County at (912)653-4511.
Bulk Item and Yard Waste Disposal
There is no curbside yard debris or bulk item pickup within Buckhead. All materials must be contained within a polycart for pickup.
Items which are too large to fit in your polycart can be disposed of at the Bryan County Landfill on Fort McAllister Road. The county charges per pound for disposal at this location, bring cash!
The hours of operation for the landfill are: 
  • Tuesday & Wednesday from 12 p.m. -  5 p.m.
  • Thursday through Saturday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
What Can Be Recycled in the Polycart?
  • Household Plastics w/Recycling Symbols #1 through #7 (NO PLASTIC BAGS, leave lids on bottles unless they have inner foam or paper layer)
  • Aluminum Cans (rinsed and empty)
  • Aluminum Foil (cleaned and unsoiled, NO FOOD RESIDUE)
  • Cardboard including Cereal Boxes, etc. (clean and unsoiled)
  • Glass Bottles (rinsed and empty, be careful not to break!)
  • Magazines, Mail and Paper (clean and unsoiled, no attached plastic address windows, etc.)
  • Steel Cans (rinsed and empty, no insulated coatings, etc.)
A Few Recycling Rules and Tips:
  1. Don't recycle materials that aren't completely clean. Soiled, greasy or dirty materials can contaminate a whole load of recyclables, forcing them to be dumped into the landfill and wasting the time that your neighbors have spent sorting and cleaning their recyclables.'
  2. Never use your recycling polycart for “overflow” household garbage. This too can ruin an entire load of recyclables. We know that Republic Services is sometimes unreliable with pickups but this is not an acceptable solution when you run out of space in your household trash polycart.
  3. If an item is smaller than a credit card, don't recycle it. Small materials can get caught in the machinery which sorts and processes recyclables.
  4. Generally speaking, leave caps on plastic bottles and jugs. Make sure they have been rinsed completely clean and are empty. Some bottles have a white foam or paper layer inside the cap, it's probably best to remove these and dispose of them separately.
  5. Never recycle plastic bags in the polycart and don't bag other recyclables! Most plastic bags have a recycling symbol along with the text “Store Drop-off”. These can be dropped off at Publix for recycling. There is a collection bin to the right hand side of the entrance.
  6. Take care not to break glass when you put it into the polycart. 
  7. Don't recycle mixed media. For example, envelopes which have a clear plastic address window are not recyclable unless you remove the plastic window and dispose of it separately.
  8. Plastic air bags from Amazon and other online retailers are not recyclable in the polycart, however most of these can be bundled with plastic bags and dropped off at Publix as well. Look for the recycling symbol and be sure to puncture each cell to remove the air before dropping off.
  9. Some metal cans have an insulated coating that might not be recyclable. When in doubt, throw it out!
To do your part and learn more about our curbside recycling program, we strongly urge you to take a look at Republic Service's consumer education website at