Renting Your Home
Homeowner Requirements for Leasing
There are several provisions of the covenants which are important to homeowners who intend to lease their property. A brief summary of some of the most important provisions is presented below. For comprehensive information on the requirements for leasing, please review Section #14 of the BHOA Covenants.
  1. All leases must have a term of at least one year. No short term or vacation rentals are permitted. 
  2. Properties must be leased in their entirety. No rooms or fractions of lots may be leased without prior BHOA approval. 
  3. You must provide the tenant with a copy of the BHOA Covenants and By-Laws
  4. You are required to notify BHOA by submitting a Lease Information Form to the BHOA association manager ( within 15 days of leasing a property. Certain information must be provided in order for BHOA to adequately maintain its membership rolls and provide relevant support to the tenant.
  5. You can either retain or transfer amenity access to your tenants and are required to notify BHOA of your selection. If access is transferred, owners may not use the amenities during the term of the lease. Owners are responsible for providing amenities keys to tenants.
  6. You are responsible for ensuring that tenants comply with all BHOA covenants and rules. Violations by tenants may result in fines or penalties to the homeowner.