Amenity Keycards
Accessing the community pool, basketball court and pickleball/tennis courts requires that residents have an active amenities keycard. Please do not open the gates for others who do not have an amenities card, this makes is difficult for us to identify individuals when vandalism or other incidents occur.
When moving, you should give your existing keycard to the new homeowner or tenant (and submit a Lease Information Form if you are leasing your home).
If You Have Problems With Your Keycard
Some common issues that may cause a resident's card to be non-operational:
  • Keycards may be disabled due to nonpayment of association dues or fines. Tenants should contact their landlords to ensure that the property owner's account is current.
  • Keycards can be disable for inappropriate behavior or violation of any of the amenity center or community pool rules
  • Keycards can be disabled due to violations of the Buckhead Covenants or By-Laws.
  • Keycards may need to be occasionally reprogrammed due to age. 
  • The gate control system may be down due to technical issues. Please notify the association manager immediately if this is suspected.
Replacement Keycards
If you misplace your amenities key please contact the association manager, Georgia Community Management, by phone at (912)445-2194 or via email at Replacement cards are $20.00. Payments should be made payable to Buckhead HOA and mailed to:

GCM Payment Processing Center
P. O. Box 1730
Commerce, GA 30529

If your card has been lost or stolen please contact the association manager immediately so that the card can be deactivated.