• Where do I get a BHOA Welcome Packet?
    Please contact the BHOA Management Company, GA Community Management, at manager@buckheadhoa.com for a Buckhead HOA Welcome Packet.
  • Do I need to contact the HOA if I am selling my house?
    Yes, the closing attorney must contact the HOA treasurer and our Management Company 912-445-2194 (GA Community Management) BHOA Management Company for a statement of dues payment.
  • How can I contact an HOA board member?
    Use the form on the Contact Us page or email the board: board@buckheadhoa.com
  • How can I reserve the baseball/soccer field?
    Contact the Social Committee at Socialcommittee@buckheadhoa.com
  • How can I reserve the Community Room for a meeting or gathering?
    Check the calendar for an open date, download a reservation form found on the "Forms" page of this site. Complete it and mail to :
    Buckhead HOA 
    P.O. Box 1548
    Richmond Hill, GA  31324
    * Please note that residents will still be allowed access to the pool for their own enjoyment during your reservation time. Or, email your request to: socialcommittee@buckheadhoa.com
  • How do I report a covenant violation?
    Send an email to our Buckhead Management Company click here 912-445-2194 or the Board of Directors click here.
  • I need to report a problem with uncontrolled pet/pets?
    If you encounter a problem with a neighbor's pet/pets, first address this issue directly with your neighbor.  If the problem is not resolved, document (photos, times, dates, as much info as possible) the incident and simultaneously contact the Buckhead HOA Managment Company click here or Covenant Compliance Committee click here and either Bryan County Animal Control at: 250 Dog Lane Richmond Hill, GA 31324 912-727-3884 or the Bryan County Sheriff at:  912-756-2282  or 756-2181.
    Control of pets is covered in our covenants under Article VI. Section 6 Livestock and Poultry.
    "No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind(collectively "Animals") shall be maintained on a Lot or in a Dwelling, except that not more than five(5) household pets, of which no more than three (3) being dogs, may be kept or maintained on a Lot or in a Dwelling, provided that they are not kept, bred or maintained for a commercial purpose and, provided further that they shall not in the sole discretion of the BHOA Board, constitute a nuisance or cause unsanitary conditions. All animals must be confined or tethered to their Owner's Lot or Dwelling, unless walked on a leash. Dogs which bark for extended periods of time so as to cause a nuisance or disturbance to neighbors shall not be permitted. Owners are responsible for cleaning up pet's defecation while walking the pet anywhere in the Existing Buckhead. What constitutes a household pet is up to the sole discretion of the BHOA Board."
  • I am a new resident and would like to receive a welcome packet. Or, I would like to suggest a social event in Buckhead.
  • I am having a problem with the web site. Or, I want to get on the e-mail list. Or, I do not regardly work on the internet and I need some help.
  • I see my neighbor cutting trees, painting their fence, putting in a satellite dish etc. but I do not see a permit on their mailbox. Or, my neighbor is parking a boat/trailer/commercial vehicle in their driveway, or is routinely parking on the street.
    Contact the Buckhead HOA Management Company click here or the Buckhead Board of Directors click here.
  • I want to cut a tree, paint a fence, erect a shed or play fort, add onto my home, install a satellite dish, etc.
  • I want to report a broken water fountain, a hole in a walking path or court, damage to a common BHOA facility, etc.
    Contact the Buckhead Management Company (GA Community Management) at 912-445-2194, click here  or contact the BHOA Maintenance committee click here
  • What are the rules for use of the pool?
    View a PDF of the Pool rules.  CLICK HERE
    Contact the Social Committee for questions at: socialcommittee@buckheadhoa.com
  • What day is Recycle pick-up?
    Recycle pick-up is every second Wednesday.
  • What day is trash removal?
    Trash pick up is on Tuesday.
  • What do I do if I see a pothole on a county maintained street, such as Rathlin Road, and want to report it for repairs?
    Call Department of Public Works (DPW) at 653-3850 and be sure to tell them the specific road/street and location of the pothole.
  • What do I do if I see a street light out?
    Call Coastal EMC at 884-3311 or click here or email and be sure to tell them that the light(s) is on the Buckhead Homeowners Association Security Lights Account.  See EMC Facebook link
  • What do I need a parking permit for and how do I get one?
    All parking of vehicles at a property must be on pavement and not in the street.  This includes visitors.  The only exception is that if you have a large gathering at your home and your driveway is fully utilized for parking, the overflow may park in the street.  Many types of "vehicles" are prohibited including: trailers of any kind - with or without anything on/in them - attached to vehicles or not, boats, RVs, PODS, dumpsters, commercial vehicles and disabled vehicles.  Temporary parking permits are available on the website for prohibited vehicles, but not for parking off-pavement or on street.
  • When and where are the HOA meetings?
    HOA meetings are held in the Community Room at 803 Rathlin Road. They are usually held at 6:30 pm on the 4th Monday of each month. Please check the Calendar and the Community Sign at the exit.
  • When does the pool season open/close? What are the hours?
    The pool usually opens when the Bryan County school system is on spring break and closes around the end of September. The pool hours are from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM Friday and Saturday.
    All pool rules are posted. Please follow.  There will be no lifeguard present, so swim at your own risk.
    Contact the Social Committee for questions at: socialcommittee@buckheadhoa.com
  • Where can I get a copy of the Buckhead covenants?
    If your attorney didn’t give you a copy at the closing, you can get them on the Covenants & Bylaws page of the website.
  • Where can I get a copy of the minutes?
    Minutes can be obtained by logging in on the Meeting Minutes page.
  • Where can I mail HOA correspondence?
    Mail it to:
    Buckhead HOA
    PO Box 1548
    Richmond Hill, GA 31324.
  • Who do I contact for Emergency Maintenance issues?
    For emergency maintenance issues call the Buckhead HOA Management Company click here / call 912-445-2194, or  email the maintenance committee at maintenance@buckheadhoa.com
  • Why do I have to pay my dues if I am selling my house?
    All dues not paid will accrue late fees and interest. When you sell your house, the attorney will prorate your dues and you will receive a refund/credit as part of the real estate closing process.
  • I want to report a problem at the pool, park, playground, basketball or tennis court. Or, I need a new amenity (pool) key.
  • Where can I get an amenity key (pool, tennis, basketball) key? Can I get another key if I have lost mine?
    For a new key or a replacement key, please contact GCM, the Buckhead HOA Management company click here or the Social Committee click here
    Please NOTE that there is a $20.00 replacement fee.
  • Why doesn't my pool key work?
    You may not have signed a pool key form or you have unpaid dues/fines.  For Key problems contact the Buckhead HOA Management Company 912-445-2194 / click here or the BHOA Social Committee click here.
  • How do I report a POWER outage?
    Contact Coastal Electric Cooperative at click here or email
    To report outage or street light out click here
    To see their online electric outage map click here